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yeahyeahyeah - the footprints are alive and this isn't my kitchen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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yeahyeahyeah [Oct. 6th, 2006|04:29 am]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |roy orbison]

ok i know i never post on live journal anymore. it's because i got sucked in to myspace land and it's just too damn much fun for me to do anything else. please smell the sarcasm here. sooo ok here's my life:
i went to ann arbor for a visit in august and realized that i left something really important there when i left last spring, i left my life and i kind of miss it so i'm moving back soon. soon as in monday, yep, i'm leaving monday to drive back to michigan. i'm really excited, i'm so sick of southern california i could just go on a killing spree. the people here are a bunch of suck ass superficial nut cases, and they drive like blind apes wearing lead shoes. so it's either go live my life with all my friends and deal with hating winter or stay here accomplishing nothing in the perpetual sunshine which i can't even really enjoy because i'm such a fucking albino anyway. i may not stay in michigan permanently, but if i do end up leaving again i am NOT moving back to california! ever! is that clear? whew.
so, i might be stopping by to visit rosie420 and asininehopes in missouri but i'm not sure if i'll have enough time. i really want to though, so we'll see. if i can make it there by wednesday i'll definitely stop by for a bit, hope that's ok! too bad! no, really, i miss you but i'm on kind of a tight schedule this time.
anyhow that's my update. oh, that and i met a girl i really like while i was in michigan, she's absolutely great and it was really going to suck trying to carry on a long distance relationship, so the whole moving back to michigan thing is pretty cool for us too. i've carried on a long distance thing before and actually made it work but boy was it a severe pain in the lonely ass. so i get to be with my honey, double bonus, i'm really happy. it's been a long, looooong time since i've fallen for a girl who is as queer as me and i've been totally happy with, so hooray.
ok, that's my update. yee haw, i'm going to bed now.

[User Picture]From: asininehopes
2006-10-30 08:15 pm (UTC)
hahaah i totally forgot who you were for a minute. not that that's funny but i was like who is this on my flist and then realize oh it's IVY! YAY!

how the hell are you doing?!?!
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