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someone kill my television, cable is eating my brain [Jan. 10th, 2006|06:09 pm]
it's been a really, really long time since i've updated here. let's see, i've been in oceanside, california now for eight months. eight long, boring months. since i got here i've gotten a boyfriend, dumped my boyfriend realizing once again that i don't like boyfriends, gotten my car broken into and my laptop stolen, gotten my laptop replaced, waited seven months to find a job, and basically spent a lot of time alone, thinking about how much i miss ann arbor. the people here are stale and superficial, there is no punk scene and everything is too expensive to do. it really is a big fashion show, i had forgotten how shallow people can be. i'm thinking about moving to georgia next, my ex lives there and she wants me to come stay with her, maybe get back together. it's a long story, but i'm definitely willing, and ready to get the hell out of southern california. i missed my family while i was gone, but damn, i've come out here just to watch them waste away in this unfriendly place. they won't do anything i suggest to make their lives better, so i feel my staying here much longer is pointless. i don't want to waste away here with them, no siree, so to the south i go, like i wanted to in the first place. some day, i swear, i'll have a summer house in ann arbor and a winter house in new orleans. mark my words.
i miss you guys. cheers.

[User Picture]From: mouse_boi
2006-01-11 05:29 pm (UTC)
You mean ~WE~ are going to have a summer home in Ann Arbor, and a winter home in New Orleans. Oh, and I wouldn't mind a timeshare in Georgia either. :D BTW, I turned 30, I've been going to the \aut\ bar, no one has told me the secret. . . yet. 35 maybe??? *shrugs*

Cheers kiddo,
Gidian Alexander Maker
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